How to setup Spring Boot RESTful API in 5 minutes

GroupID: unique identifier of your project. Often reversed company domain name. Ex) → com.sandbox

ArtifactID: name of the jar file without version.

** Add Spring Web on your dependencies. Spring Web provides embedded tomcat by default.

2. Create Controller and POJO.

** It uses Jackson JSON internally. So I don’t have to convert POJO into JSON.

3. Run Spring Boot!

./gradlew bootRun
./gradlew build
java -jar build/libs/pilot-0.0.01-SNAPSHOT.jar

IDE can provide such commands in button form.

Official Documentation is on:

It was nice to NOT configure tomcat, and Jackson JSON conversion, which where two hurdles I have faced coming from Node.js background.




Software Engineer

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Jinwon Park

Jinwon Park

Software Engineer

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